Vision & Mission

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Pigassos’s vision is to be the dominant and reliable distributor of cigarettes in the African market.


Pigassoss’s mission is to:

  • Partner with leading international tobacco companies
  • Provide added value to our customers, partners and employees
  • Responsibly provide quality tobacco products for adults
  • Be socially responsible in the markets that we operate

Pigassos – Business Strategy


Nurturing a long-term relationship

From a very early stage, Pigassos realized the evolving character of Africa, designing and implementing successful strategies. Our extensive research into the local environment and our valuable 30 year experience in the field allows us to implement the practices needed to manage legal, financial and operational issues.

Our success is based on our deep understanding of the African business world, the cigarette markets, the culture and special requirements of this great and diverse continent.

Pigassos's strategy

African Market

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Africa: A diverse & vibrant continent

Africa is the world’s second-largest continent, famous for its biodiversity, amazing landscapes, and animal life. It has a varied demographic profile that is reflected in its culture.

A rich tradition of arts and crafts, diverse cuisine, music, and oral literature. Over the last years, it has also evolved into a dynamic and growing market, offering large business opportunities for foreign and domestic organizations.