CSR Practices

  • Construction of a football stadium and provision of fitness equipment.
  • Construction of a water well to provide clean water in a remote village.
  • Donation of one ambulance.
  • Placement of signs and shaping of 400 km desert road (from zouerat to bir mogrein) to facilitate orientation.
  • Donations to convenience stores, to women, to war veterans and generally people in need.
  • Daily supply of staple foods such as sugar, rice, wheat, bread and edible oil to 400 families.

Assets in Africa

Presence in Cameroun since 2018 with a highly efficient distribution network with 70 motorbikes, 3 pickups, 1 track, and a warehouse with 120 employees

Product positioning in more than 1000 places and still growing…!

Total Storage and Sales Warehouses in Africa covering 7,320 m², 19 – Wholesale Stores, 10 – Satellite offices, 7

Distribution Vehicles, 14

30-ton Trucks, 9